I have been involved in models, re-enactment, and the production of period replicas from Roman to Victorian times for over twenty years. I mainly work with wood, leather and bone, and I aim to produce high quality, historically accurate items at a reasonable price, which are robust enough to be used as they were intended.

I also have extensive film experience, from technical consultation and on-screen demonstrations to extra roles, and I work regularly with museums to produce interactive displays.  I can provide kit, props, and set-dressing.

I also paint miniatures, ranging from Warhammer to second world war scale models. If you are interested in this work, please look at my Toki Painted site.

This website is very much a work in progress, with new items and further information on existing items being added on a regular basis. I can make many items other than those displayed here, and am always interested in new projects. I am also very happy to carry out repairs.

If you would like further information on items displayed here, or if you would like to discuss commissioning other items, displays, or film work, please get in touch using the form below.

Please note that most re-enactment societies have high standards of authenticity, which means that some purchases may only be used for certain datelines and in portraying certain characters. Although I am familiar with several societies’ regulations and am happy to give my personal opinion as to the historical authenticity of an item, I make bespoke items to your specification so please get approval from your relevant society officers before ordering.


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