Knives and scabbards

To be historically accurate, early medieval sword scabbards are not decorated, but seax and knife scabbards are all elaborately embossed using authentic patterns. All of my  scabbards and handles are custom-made  to the blade and to an agreed design. Prices will vary depending on design, material, finish and decoration.

Sword scabbards

Sword scabbards are leather-covered, wood-cored and lined with wool.

Prices start from £180.

10th century sword scabbard

12th/13th century scabbard

Seax scabbards

Prices start from £65

York-style seax scabbard

Dublin-style decorated seax scabbard

Twelfth-century decorated scabbards

Knife scabbards

Prices start from £20 for the scabbard (see below for the price of knives).

Seax and knife handles

Prices start from £25 depending on materials used, decoration and finish.

Bone handle

Wood and bone

Wood (Ash)

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