All shoes are hand stitched for your foot using patterns based on finds. Although the photos currently included here only cover the medieval period, I can make shoes from Roman to the late fifteenth century. Prices start from £110 for adult shoes. I do also make affordable children’s shoes, as detailed below.

Adult turn shoes

Early medieval

Round-heel, drawstring shoe (pre-800 to 1500+)

V-section, toggled shoe (900-1000)

Norman boot (1070-1280)

Late medieval

Late medieval buckled low boot (1350-1500)

Late medieval low boot (buckled)

Late medieval buckled shoe (1350-1500)

Late medieval buckled shoe

Children’s shoes

As children are capable of outgrowing several pairs of shoes within a year, I run a children’s shoe loan scheme to keep the cost of their shoes down. Please contact me for further details.

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