The items detailed below are just a small selection of leather items I can produce:

All prices will vary with size,  design, fittings and decoration.
If you would like to purchase these or any other items, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Bags and pouches

Birka pouch

Early medieval shoulder bag

Prices from £70

Small leather pouch

Pictured item is 4×2.5 inch but these can be constructed in various sizes. Suitable for holding small items such as needle cases, car keys or cash. Prices start from £6 depending on size.

Fifteenth century belt pouch

Prices from £55 depending on design and fittings.

Fourteenth/fifteenth century belt pouch

Prices from £40 depending on design and finish.

Fourteenth-sixteenth century girdle purse

Prices from £80 depending on design and finish. This particular purse is based on a find from  the Netherlands. The design can be modified to suit your preferences.
Inside of purse showing four pockets and multiple leather sections

Back of purse


Costrels (water bottles)

Prices from £45.


Leather armour


A jack is a leather tunic worn as armour by early medieval warriors, on its own or under mail.

Prices from £180 depending on size.

Armoured gloves

Prices from £45.

Quivers, archery equipment and slings

Quiver, tab, and finger protector

Quivers from £45.

Crossbow quiver

Bracer (arm guard)

Prices from £20.

Fourteen century bracer

Modern bracer

The above bracer was a commission. The customer requested a Viking-inspired bracer fastened with velcro, instead of the traditional buckle or ties.


Prices from £10.

Custom replicas

In addition to everyday items, I can also produce custom replicas, both for experimental archaeology and for display. The whip shown below is a replica of an early medieval find from the Museum of London, recorded as a slaver’s whip.

Wallets and purses

In addition to historical replicas, I can also make bespoke modern wallets and purses.

Wallet with 3 card slots and purse section

Prices start from £40 depending on design.

Medium sized coin purse with 2 card slots

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